rebellion by the East Anglia Boadicea Queen

In AD 60, the differences in the tax led to a rebellion by the East Anglia Boadicea Queen. Historians believe that the publicans corruption uprising. More than 80,000 people were killed, because of the uprising to more than 230,000 troops. Finally, Nero stop the revolt. One thing has never changed about taxes unwelcome impact their taxpayers. Rome, because they have conquered a large amount of influence in many countries, but no more than the impact of the government concept, the tax is indispensable necessary part of the ruling. England first Romans during the occupation to create a tax, it is not abandoned after the fall of Rome. No tax story than Lady Godiva and her famous nude horseback ride memorable. She was opposed to the high taxes levied by her husband, he agreed to reduce them if she performed her daring ride through the town. Her husband stick to his word, and later canceled taxes.